Transform your house with bespoke kitchens

Kitchens have become the center of today’s active lifestyle, a special place where family and friends can meet and relax in a comfortable atmosphere. Naples Custom Cabinets & Millwork offers unlimited design possibilities, whether you choose a purely custom product produced in our own state-of-the-art facilities or select from one of our national manufacturers Mauser, Rosewood, and Adelphi.

Expanding Lines To Expand The Possibilities
Naples Custom Kitchens

Early on Naples Custom Cabinets & Millwork recognized the fact that in order to meet its client’s growing needs it had to add additional services to its core product of custom manufactured cabinetry and architectural millwork. With that in mind, Naples Custom Kitchens was created, and after extensive research, the company carefully chose three separate and distinct production and semi-custom production lines of kitchen manufacturers to represent. Mauser, Rosewood, and Adelphi and Pohl Custom Cabinets.

The creation of Naples Custom Kitchens further provided the company with the ability to continue to expand by offering a variety of different products. By providing so-called “off-the-shelf” products the company was able to hold customer costs down yet provide them with well designed and expertly installed production manufactured kitchen cabinets and vanities

However, there are times when production manufactured cabinets can’t or don’t meet a client’s specific needs like, for example, a custom made island or range hood, and therefore Naples Custom Cabinets & Millwork is often called upon to integrate custom manufactured goods with those products offered by the kitchen division, thus providing client’s with the ultimate in design capabilities; a winning combination for everyone.

Keep in mind that Naples Custom Cabinets & Millwork still designs and builds totally custom kitchens and vanities. Our product lines are offered to meet the various levels of our client’s needs.

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